Why TeethXpress™️ is a Good Solution for Missing Teeth Replacement

Tooth loss is a risk to your oral health. Dental implants with the TeethXpress™️ procedure are an alternative to standard implant treatment, dentures, or a dental bridge.

Four dental implants are secured into your jawbone at specific locations. The implants secure your full arch of new teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw.

Why Your Results are Effective for Missing Teeth Replacement Using Dental Implants

Tooth function is fully restored

Dental implants provide you new tooth roots. The support for your new teeth rely on the security of implant placement.

A denture alternative

Long term use of dentures can cause your bone and gum tissue to erode. Your tissue will remain healthy as result of implants being placed into your jawbone.

A comfortable treatment

Sedation use helps you experience a comfortable procedure. Your oral examination will provide complete treatment details from start to finish.

Implant durability

Dental implants are a lasting tooth replacement solution. The TeethXpress™️ procedure will save you time and costs.

So why not see if you’re a candidate?

Schedule your initial oral examination and receive more detail about dental implants and TeethXpress™️.