What is the TeethXpress™️ Solution for Missing Teeth Replacement?

Dental implants with TeethXpress™️ are proven to successfully replace your missing teeth. Four implants are placed in designated locations in your upper and/or lower jaw to permanently replace all of your teeth in the treatment area.

Your new teeth are secured by dental implants to fully restore your ability to chew and smile. A single day is all that’s necessary for your TeethXpress™️ treatment following your oral examination, treatment planning, and a discussion of your goals and desired results.

What Are Your Expected Benefits with the TeethXpress™️ Procedure?

Delayed tooth replacement affects your gum and bone tissue, your tooth function, and smile appearance. The treatment will eliminate those risks associated with tooth loss.

Your TeethXpress™️ treatment can most often be completed in a one day appointment. You will smile more confidently and enjoy eating your favorite foods following your procedure.

What Are Your Advantages with Tooth Replacement Using Dental Implants?

Missing teeth impacts your health, your ability to chew, and your smile. The TeethXpress™️ treatment relies on dental implants to provide a secure tooth replacement with a new set of permanent teeth.

Your results are achieved by placing dental implants at four specific locations in your upper and/or lower jaw. TeethXpress™️ can restore your tooth function in less time and with less cost than standard implant treatment.

Implants prevent your new teeth from falling out, shifting, or moving. You will have a renewed advantage when eating and smiling after your treatment.

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